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Perhaps the most emotional stage of a divorce or legal separation involves all decisions related to children. At Fleischaker & Williams, we help worried parents like you and empower your decision-making by thoroughly explaining the potential scenarios of every option available.

Missouri courts uphold the child’s best interests at all times and encourage parents to be present and take part in every aspect of a child’s life. Therefore, one of our goals is to help you develop a comprehensive parenting plan draft based on your child’s best interest.

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For nearly 50 years, our attorney William Fleischaker has addressed clients’ legal needs in family law issues. As a law firm, we understand that any decisions made regarding child custody and visitation matters will define the future dynamic of the new family. Therefore, we make it our priority to guide you and counsel you through your options and thoroughly explain your child’s rights and yours as a parent.

Missouri courts consider the following types of child custody:

  • Legal custody involves the rights and responsibilities of parents in making decisions related to education, health, religion and all aspects pertaining to their child’s upbringing
  • Physical custody refers to the child’s physical place of residence

If parents obtain joint physical and legal custody, a child could spend 50% of their time between their father’s and mother’s households. Moreover, both parents can make decisions regarding the child’s upbringing. Missouri courts tend to favor this option, provided it is in the child’s best interests.

If a parent gets sole physical and legal custody, one parent should be responsible for making all upbringing decisions, and the child lives with the parent granted sole custody. Although child custody and visitation are a judge’s decision, courts consider factors like the child’s wishes, the parenting plan submitted by parents, and the parent’s ability to encourage an effective relationship of the child with each other.

Our lawyers know that you may be experiencing financial difficulties. Thus, we will focus on reaching agreements like mediation to avoid costly court procedures. However, we stand ready to go to family courts with you if required to protect your family.

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