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Finding Practical, Effective Solutions For Family Law Conflicts

It can be distressing to face a legal problem that affects your relationship with your loved ones, your financial well-being and your future. If you aren’t familiar with Missouri’s legal processes, it can be easy to make a mistake that adds to your worries.

During difficult times like these, working with an experienced family law attorney can reduce your stress and improve your peace of mind. At Fleischaker & Williams, our attorneys share over 50 years of experience with family law matters, so they know how to navigate the system. You can rely on us to seek out the most effective and efficient course of action when we take your case.

We Offer Comprehensive Services

Our family law attorneys, William Fleischaker and Carol Wetherell, have represented a diverse range of individuals throughout their careers. They are equipped to advocate for your interests whether you are unmarried, separated or are pursuing divorce. As your advocates, our attorneys will use their legal understanding to tailor a strategy that addresses your unique needs and goals.

We regularly assist clients with a variety of concerns, including:

We also represent family law clients in sensitive juvenile criminal matters. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, Mr. Fleischaker and Ms. Wetherell know how to challenge criminal allegations and charges. You can rely on them to protect your child’s rights at every stage of the legal process.

At Fleischaker & Williams, we remain mindful of the costs that family law problems incur. We work to limit your legal expenses by seeking out-of-court solutions for your issue. If mediation or negotiation does not secure the results that you desire, however, we will not hesitate to litigate the matter in court when necessary. Our attorneys know how to get results in and out of Missouri courtrooms.

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